Broiled PEACHES with Spiced Sour Cherry Spread

Broiled PEACHES with Spiced Sour Cherry Spread

Fresh Broiled Peaches with the delicious Spiced Sour Cherry Spread & topped with a creamy Creme Fraiche. This combination is amazing with soft and tender peaches caramelized with the Spiced Cherry Spread on the broiler for 6 to 10 minutes. The concentration of flavors in the cherry spread come through because of whole and pureed sour morello cherries are carefully slow long-simmered in red burgundy wine. Then ginger, lemon juice, salt & black pepper are added to give warmth and spiciness to this spread and finally sweetened with some sugar and dried cherries. 
Doesn't that sound good? 
The final decadent touch of this peaches dish is a spoonful of Creme Fraiche. If you can't find Creme Fraiche, use sour cream instead. Another option is ricotta cheese. 
If you have some left-over Spiced Sour Cherry Spread, get some bread, toast it, add some ricotta cheese, and top with the cherry spread. 

This will make a great appetizer for your next get-together or for brunch or breakfast.

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